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Global Networking Solutions



Progressive business owners and managers recognize the potential of technological advancement, but often lack the dedicated resources to take full advantage of new developments in a timely manner.  KinoCom provides a simplified solution to this ongoing dilemma.


The conventional approach to selecting an Internet (IP) and Telecommunications vendor is at best inefficient.  A carrier or service provider can only present its own solution or offering that is forced to meet your business requirements.  The result is often less than optimal because while certain needs are met, others are disregarded or may be adversely affected.


The KinoCom solution avoids these shortcomings by offering a portfolio of services from a variety of major Internet (IP) Service Providers and Telecommunications Carriers.  This method enables us to propose the solution that will best meet all of your Internet (IP) and Telecommunications requirements.  KinoCom's objective is to make all aspects of your service, from design and contracting to management and implementation satisfy your requirements.  KinoCom makes available the vast array of services (domestic and international) that traverse the networks of:

  • AT&T

  • AireSpring

  • Bell South (AT&T)

  • Broadwing Communications

  • Cavalier

  • Cingular (AT&T)

  • Comcast

  • CoVista Communications

  • Covad

  • DeltaCom


  • Granite

  • Level 3

  • MCI (Verizon Business)

  • McLeodUSA

  • MetTel

  • New Edge Networks

  • Network Innovations 

  • Nextel (Sprint)

  • One Communications

  • PaeTec

  • Qwest

  • Raindance 

  • Savvis Communications

  • SBC (AT&T)

  • Sprint

  • TelePacific

  • T-Mobile

  • US LEC

  • Verio/NTT

  • Verizon

  • XO

(Our list of network providers continues to expand.)



KinoCom makes available a complete range of carrier-grade services that enable businesses to access domestic and international telecommunication voice and data networks. This can provide single and multi-location businesses of all sizes a single point of contact for service, administration and billing issues.  Nationwide and International services available include:

  • Technology Assessment (Overview of current services)

  • Dedicated Internet Access (DIA): T1, T3, Ethernet, Fast-E, Gig-E and OCx

  • IP VPN (Virtual Private Network)

  • IP MPLS with QoS/CoS

  • IP & VoIP Transit Services

  • Private Line: DS0, DS1, DS3, Ethernet, Fast-E, Gig-E and OCx

  • Dial-Up IP Connectivity (RAS): 56K, ISDN


Data Networking:

Data Networking services made available by KinoCom include a complete range of carrier-grade services that enable multi-location businesses to be “joined together” in a private or semi-private wide area network (WAN) environment for inter-office or telecommuting applications. It provides a variety of methods to connect domestic and international business locations together with customers and business partners. Services and technologies supported include:

  • Technology Assessment
  • Network Design based on Specific Applications
  • IP VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • IP MPLS with QoS/CoS
  • Frame Relay Service
  • ATM Service
  • Private Line: DS0, DS1, DS3 Ethernet, Fast-E, Gig-E and OCx
  • Telecommunications Service Organization Chart




KinoCom offers the complete range of voice products that will satisfy the requirements of any business on the world's largest and most reliable networks, including:

  • Local “Dial-Tone” Service (POTS, ISDN PRI or Local T1)

  • Long Distance Service: Dedicated T1, T3 or Switched 

  • Conference Calling

  • Toll Free Service (800, 888, 877, 866 etc.)

  • Voice over IP Services - SIP Trunking and Hosted IP Centrex

  • Hosted Call Center and Predictive Dialer Services

  • Digital Cellular PCS/GSM

  • Calling Cards



Hosting offered by KinoCom comprises a complete suite of carrier-grade web (ISP), applications (ASP), and co-location services that enable businesses to outsource all or part of their hosting or network services infrastructure.  By outsourcing, business enterprises can reduce the “Total Cost of Ownership” (TCO) in personnel and facility resources.  Hosting services can provide a large and geographically dispersed group of facilities known as Internet Data Centers (IDC) where certified Cisco and Microsoft engineers are able to manage their business enterprises application needs. Services include:

  • Technology Assessment
  • Raised Floors, Cages, Racks, or Private Suites
  • Temperature and humidity controlled environment
  • Fire suppression systems
  • Restricted Access through multiple levels of security
  • 7 X 24 Surveillance
  • Power Supply & Redundant Power Distribution Units
  • Battery backup for uninterrupted power supply (UPS)
  • Diesel generators
  • Network Connectivity
  • Network/System Management and Monitoring
    • CiscoWorks (router and switch monitoring and configuration)
    • Concord Nethealth (server health monitoring)
    • HP OpenView (base network monitoring)
    • OpStats (throughput monitoring)
    • Remedy/Vantive (problem tracking, trouble ticket and change management)
    • NMS Network Monitoring System


    Data Centers

  • AT&T Data Centers
  • Verizon Business (MCI) Data Centers
  • Qwest CyberCenters
  • Savvis Intelligent Hosting



If you depend on the Internet to do business, you need to protect your network resources from internal and external threats. KinoCom works with service providers whose programs are the most comprehensive, customer-friendly ones available. Using only best-of-class products fully tested for optimal interoperability, they provide carefully customized programs by their security experts to meet your individual requirements.

Developing and maintaining your own network security is a costly, time and resource intensive task. You’ll need a dedicated security staff monitoring and administering your system around the clock. You’ll need to keep up to date with fast-changing technology.  You’ll need to get experienced security professionals. That’s why so many customers outsource their security challenges.  KinoCom markets Managed Security Solutions which offer a comprehensive array of services — including firewalls, high availability firewalls, site-to-site and remote user-to-site VPNs, Web site blocking, strong user authentication, enterprise gateway virus scanning and intrusion detection. Our service providers can help you design a smart security solution that’s right for your business.

Whether your business is large or small, your Managed Security Solution can include state-of-the-art protection for your network.

  • One-Stop Shopping — Simplifies your vendor selection and management.

  • Best-of-Class Products — Complete suite of security services from today’s leading security vendors.

  • Purchase or Rent — Choose between paying a one-time charge to purchase the necessary hardware and software, or paying a monthly recurring charge to rent.

Network-Based vs. CPE-Based:
Solutions implemented can be in the Service Provider Network or at your facility.  If your access is implemented using Network-Based Intelligent IP Service, you can also choose to implement your security policy as part of your integrated network-based solution. By taking advantage of the features offered in the network core , you will be able to control access to your enterprise, communicate securely with other trusted private and public networks and protect against spoofing by un-trusted users — all while managing your bandwidth using different classes of service. If your solution must be implemented on equipment residing at your facility, the CPE-Based Managed Services offer a selection that can implement your security policy, no matter what your requirements may be.

Manage Your Security Yourself — or Outsource it.
You can choose to manage your Managed Security Solution yourself or outsource the management to one of our service providers. Either way, your solution will be fully scaleable and flexible enough to evolve efficiently as your needs change.

Managed Security Solutions Include:

  • CPE-Based Customer - Managed Security Solutions — Turnkey security services you manage yourself. If you already have technical staff to manage and maintain your Internet security solutions, the service provider can furnish you with customer premises equipment (CPE)-based managed security services. All security features reside on your in-house equipment and are managed by your staff.

  • Network-Based and CPE-Based - Managed Security Solutions — Outsourced security services the service provider manages for you. If you do not have technical staff to manage your Internet security solutions, the service provider can manage and maintain your security solution from A to Z.