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LOTS (Line Order Tracking System)

LOTS (Line Order Tracking System) is an online tracking system that allows us to effectively manage the telecommunications needs of our Telesis customers.

Customers are able to access LOTS free of charge to view their:
  • Real Time Trouble Ticket Status
  • Status of all Orders submitted through Telesis
  • Circuit Inventory
  • Telecom Expenditure
  • Information on any Billing or Credit Issue
LOTS is not only an invaluable tool for our customers, but it also holds Telesis accountable. All entries by Telesis employees are date stamped and irreversible.

Click here to log in to LOTS

If you are a current customer and do not currently have access to LOTS, please contact your Sales Executive at 973-744-6080.

For more information on LOTS:
Download LOTS Powerpoint Presentation (15 Slides)